[uf-discuss] X2V converter bug?

Marko Mrdjenovic mf at friedcellcollective.net
Mon Jul 3 08:57:27 PDT 2006

I've been doing some experimenting with types on the tel class today and 
ended up with this: 

The problematic code in there is this:
<p class="tel"><abbr class="type" title="voice">T</abbr>: <span 
class="value">+39 06 42045327</span></p>

After parsing this should look like:
TEL;TYPE=voice:+39 06 42045327

What I get on 
(saved also to 
http://www.adria-airways.com/_static/mailings/060703/hCard.vcf) is this:
TEL:+39 06 42045327

Is this a bug? I don't think I'm doing anything wrong here...

Best regards,
Marko Mrdjenovic

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