[uf-discuss] Re: proposal: a.include

Tantek Ç elik tantek at cs.stanford.edu
Mon Jul 10 02:36:51 PDT 2006

Given that experience and trial and error help figure things out, I have
tried using an <a href> include in my Event Roll to reference a more
complete description of a venue (an hCard) rather than repeating all the
details.  Take a look:


Specifically at the AEA (An Event Apart) related events - note there are two
uses of "Scandivania House"  the second is hyperlinked with an <a href
class="include"> to the first.

<span class="location"><a href="#scandinaviah" class="include"
type="text/html-frag">Scandinavia House</a>

I think this may be another legitimate use of "includes" - to replace
abbreviated local content with a more extensive chunk from another location.

What do folks think of this usage?

Those of you writing microformats parsers, especially those that have
implemented the <object> version of include-pattern, how hard would it be to
support the <a href> include as used on http://tantek.com/ for example?



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