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I may be the only one doing this, but....

I tend to use rel-comment, rev-comment, and rel-comments.

Here's an example of rev-comment...

And here's an example of rel-comment...

I also make use of rel-comments too.  (Note the "s" at the end.)
Here's an example...

See ya

On 7/18/06, Stephanie Booth (bunny) <bunnylists+microformats at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi!
> on this page: http://microformats.org/wiki/comment-problem
> The problem with comments is posed in terms of monitoring/tracking.
> Isn't that already "too specific"? I would have written down the
> problem in terms of parsing: how can I recognize that this or that bit
> of code is a comment. Seems to me comment tracking is a subset of what
> could be done with comments.
> Not sure where to write this on the wiki, etc. And of course, I'd like
> to get involved in this comments microformats (I work for coComment).
> I think I've already brought this up (on IRC if not here) but it's not
> quite clear what needs to be done now. Collecting comment markup is
> one thing I remember -- is that a relevant thing to do now? It seems
> to answer the question "what does a comment look like" more than "how
> do I track comments" -- another thing that makes me say the problem
> isn't spellt out correctly.
> Thoughts?
> Thanks
> Steph aka bunny
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