[uf-discuss] comments microformat

Stephanie Booth (bunny) bunnylists+microformats at gmail.com
Tue Jul 18 00:48:24 PDT 2006


on this page: http://microformats.org/wiki/comment-problem

The problem with comments is posed in terms of monitoring/tracking.
Isn't that already "too specific"? I would have written down the
problem in terms of parsing: how can I recognize that this or that bit
of code is a comment. Seems to me comment tracking is a subset of what
could be done with comments.

Not sure where to write this on the wiki, etc. And of course, I'd like
to get involved in this comments microformats (I work for coComment).
I think I've already brought this up (on IRC if not here) but it's not
quite clear what needs to be done now. Collecting comment markup is
one thing I remember -- is that a relevant thing to do now? It seems
to answer the question "what does a comment look like" more than "how
do I track comments" -- another thing that makes me say the problem
isn't spellt out correctly.



Steph aka bunny


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