[uf-discuss] testing results - was hcard question

Ted Drake tdrake at yahoo-inc.com
Fri Jul 21 08:56:35 PDT 2006

Thanks Brian.
That is a good point. I hadn't considered the thought of treating it as a

Ted Drake
Brian said:

At the moment there are no implementations (that i am aware of) that
also take into account the visual design.

For special properties, such as DESCRIPTION, i have started to take into
consideration the types of elements, <strong> <li>, etc and adjusted the
ASCII output to mimic it as best possible. This currently does NOT take
into consideration CSS, but it is conceivable that it should look for
CSS properties such as DISPLAY: block | inline, etc and the
pseudo-property content-before, content-after (for all the LI purist
that add ','s as content-after on inline string lists) that way the
corresponding ASCII output would be similar.

So, at the moment, just because Implementations do not take into
consideration display:none, doesn't mean that in the future they will as
well. We currently ignore children of DEL elements, you could make an
argument that if you are hiding it and don't want people to see it, then
we should honor that and not transform it... HTML comments are hidden
and ignored... so maybe other hidden content should be as well?

Just food for thought.

Ted Drake wrote:
> Hi Drew
> I'm assuming the microformat scrapers look at the code and not the visual
> design. I've been adding extra information in sections that use
> for microformat purposes and adding the appropriate classes to the content
> that is already in the visual design. On this level, the a include
> be a problem if it is using display:none. The screenreader will ignore the
> link. 
> However, you are correct in that a screenreader will announce that a link
> present. I'll check on our end as well.

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