Software Projects Description Re: [uf-discuss] Potential Microformats

Ryan King ryan at
Thu Oct 5 11:19:15 PDT 2006

On Oct 5, 2006, at 5:07 AM, Stephen Paul Weber wrote:

> Wikis are awesome and a page to collect all this can't hurt  
> anything :)
> <>
> Is hDOAP going to be suggested into the community?  
> Has it already and I just can't find the wiki pages?  What about,  
> as I've mentioned, the ability to list/markup/crawl non-open-source  
> software downloads?

As you point out below, hDOAP has some problems (or, at least, does  
things differently than things are done around here). I don't see any  
reason why it couldn't be put through the process.


> hDOAP as it is seems to 'break' some rules too... like useing
> alternate markup for people instead of hCard, not using
> date-design-pattern.  rel=license instead of class=license would  
> make sense, and the license URLs should probably be the actual,  
> recognised URLs, not DOAP-only special ones (the DOAP-onlys could  
> be specified as rel="license alternate" or something maybe...)   
> rel=tag for actual categories, but many 'categories' don't seem to  
> be real categories.
> Just some thoughts :)

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