[uf-discuss] Tentative proposal for "What's New" listings

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Sat Oct 7 12:46:45 PDT 2006

In message
<6991f8e00609280522g37f8a031qe576ca562a9f3e3c at mail.gmail.com>, Stephen
Paul Weber <singpolyma at gmail.com> writes

>Wow... this converter has never been through a full-scale test before
>(only tested on my own pages)... so ya... that shouldn't happen.  I
>think I may know the problem, and will try to fix it soon :)  Thanks
>for finding all this stuff!

I'd like to thank Stephen publicly, as I have done in private e-mail,
for the sterling work he's done, resolving these and other issues, as
can be seen in:


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