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>> You forgot:
>Actually, I was summarizing and synthesizing, not forgetting.

The "you" was collective.

>>* Veteran Experts
>>  * Looking for new things
>>  * Might be looking/adopting things for the sake of coolness/newness
>>    * uF's seem new and cool?
>>  * Probably little exposure to uF (did they see it mentioned in a
>> blog, search, or conference?)
>> * Bleeding Edge Adopters
>>  * Fulfilling obligations from above
>>  * Trusted expertise for business decisions
>>  * Referred from a non-expert source to check viability
>> HTH
>I'm not sure this helps.

I'm sure it does.

>This essentially washes out the picture of two types of users.

Perhaps; though it chiefly avoids the useless labelling of them. Or do
you have evidence that "veteran experts" never look for new things, or
"bleeding edge adapters" never fulfil obligations for above?

For that matter, do you have evidence that "veteran experts" cannot also
be "bleeding edge adapters"?

>My approach to this is to identify differences, although subtle,
>between users in order to better understand what kinds of resources
>would be most helpful.

Then don't lump them together under stereotypical headings.

>I'm a little confused about what you are suggesting.

I'm suggesting that there's no need for ageist (or any other form of
unfounded-, and discriminatory-) stereotyping.

>Can you elaborate?

See my reply to the same post, by Justin Thorp, to which you were

>My current thoughts are that you meant either to say that
>there is only one type of new user, or that the list proffered is

Of the two, the latter is closer to the mark, but not very.

>Then again, I'm not a mind reader,

I knew you were going to say that.

>so feel free to correct me.

I always will ;-)
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