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>The initial design-patterns ... and I know because I wrote them ...
>were distillations of existing practices. Include breaks this pattern
>only slightly, but was a reasonable isolation of a unit of work from
>hResume (I believe)

Thank you, David, but I'm not clear what your point is here, in relation
to the post you quote. Can you elaborate, please?

I asked (my post has not propagated back here):

>> How can a DP not be specified?

It's clear from:

        LePUS (LanguagE for Patterns' Uniform Specification) is a formal
        specification language based on a theory of object-oriented
        design in mathematical logic. LePUS was used successfully to
        specify design patterns, class libraries and object-oriented


that DPs do have specifications. It therefore follows, surely, that DPs
must first be capable of being both proposed specifications
("proposals") and draft specifications ("drafts").

Rather than debating such (dictionary-sense) semantics, wouldn't it be
better if someone with the relevant access, knowledge and editorial
ownership made it clear just what the situation is, for those DPs listed
on the main page ?
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