[uf-discuss] Advanced include pattern usage

Ben Ward lists at ben-ward.co.uk
Mon Oct 23 01:34:54 PDT 2006

Good morning List,

I have a quick question about include pattern usage and visible data.  
A while ago I was playing around with drafting something for the  
hChatLog effort (I haven't got anywhere yet, really) but will use it  
as an example, since I think the use of include-pattern is nicely  
demonstrated here:

   <div id ="benward" class="vcard"><a class="fn url" href="http:// 
ben-ward.co.uk">Ben Ward</a></div>
   <div id="stevemarshall" class="vcard"><a class="fn url"  
href="http://nascentguruism.com">Steve Marshall</a><div>

  <ol class="hChatLog">
   <li class="message">
     <cite><a class="include" href="#benward">Ben Ward</a>
     <q>Good morning, Steve</q>
   <li class="message">
     <cite><a class="include" href="#stevemarshall">Steve Marshall</ 

So what's happening here is that full hCards are declared at the top  
of the page, and then referenced in each message to avoid repetition,  
as is the purpose of the include-pattern. However, because we don't  
want the vcard to be completely invisible and do want the person's  
name to be read as part of the content, the innerText/nodeValue of  
the A/@class=include element contains text.

So in the context of a Microformats parser the hCards should be  
included, and should replace the innerText.

This is obviously going beyond the original idea for the anchor-based  
include pattern, but is actually a benefit of the A-based pattern  
over OBJECT. Is it a valid use? Should it be documented as part of  
the include pattern?



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