[admin] Re: [uf-discuss] inappropriate behaviour (was: Discussion ofpublic domain declaration template usage)

Eric A. Meyer eric at meyerweb.com
Sun Aug 5 17:20:56 PDT 2007

At 12:39 PM -0700 8/5/07, Joe Andrieu wrote:

>Could you to provide the evidence that was used to conclude that 
>Andy failed to adhere to the "be nice" guideline /after/ the
>private warning?

    You mean besides posting a private message to a public list? 
Which is neither reasonable nor professional by any reasonable 
standard of online discourse with which I'm familiar.

>As other microformats.org administrative issues, it was
>also apparently handled in a "secret meeting" in the "back room".  I 
>reviewed the IRC archive where I know many administrators
>gather and discuss issues, hoping to find some record of the 
>discussion.  However, the only reference to Andy's banning is the ban
>Nothing on the wiki. Nothing on the mailing list. Simply a summary 
>judgment by you.

    By the administrators.  Scott was simply the administrator who 
gave public notice of the action.
    Interesting, that-- I always thought secret back-room cabals tried 
to keep evidence of their abuses secret, and that people responsible 
for shepherding a growing community and doing their best to preserve 
it were up front about their actions.  How I got those two switched 
around I'll never know.

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