[uf-discuss] Operator device tests

Tom Morris tom at tommorris.org
Sun Dec 16 15:22:11 PST 2007

I've put up a page on the wiki:

I changed my phone yesterday as my old RAZR decided to die on me. After a
discussion with Tantek last year, I had been meaning to put up my previous
phone's rather lackadaisical handling of the "Send to Bluetooth device"
functionality in Firefox.

It'd be great if we could try out as many different handsets, PDAs and other
devices to see if we could document all the different mobile phones and PDAs
support for "Send to Bluetooth device".

Perhaps if you have a slow day at the office or maybe something like a
conference or BarCamp, you'd like to test out other people's phones and put up
the results on the wiki. I will be pestering friends and families to see if
Operator works with their phones.

It may be an idea if we set up test pages for other device/software
configurations and for other microformats.

Tom Morris

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