Re: Θέμα: [uf-discuss] Thoughts on extending the geo microformat

Brian Suda brian.suda at
Wed Jan 24 03:34:19 PST 2007

On 1/24/07, Dimitrios Zachariadis <telemetry_mail at> wrote:
> It looks like something like:
> <div class="vevent">
>   <span class="summary">testing</span>
>   <abbr class='geo' title='38;24'> in Athens</abbr> on
>   <abbr class="dtstamp" title="-20070124">Jan 24,
> 2007</abbr>
> </div>
> Could that be an acceptable form, i.e. not violating
> the specs?

--- the first step is to see if you can solve the problems with
existing microformats. So far, i think we have shown that 2 different
formats can carry the information you are interested in. Now it is
just a matter of how to refine those rather than re-invent the wheel
in the GEO spec.

> I see that a dtstart property is mandatory,
> but I want to use dtstamp, since it's a better fit for
> the purpose.

The other option is to use hCard

<div class="vcard">
   <span class="fn org">testing</span>
   <abbr class='geo' title='38;24'> in Athens</abbr> on
   <abbr class="rev" title="20070124">Jan 24, 2007</abbr>

That would accomplish a similar thing, but now you are anchoring the
GEO as a PLACE not an EVENT.

> Shouldn't that be either dtstamp or dtstart? (being
> mandatory)

--- actually in iCalendar NOTHING is required, but practically,
because importing applications NEED a name to display the event and a
DTSTART to put it somewhere on the calendar, those two are required in
hCalendar. You can do something like class="dtstart dtstamp" on the
same class element. This would not change your mark-up and it would
allow for applications to plot the GEO points on a timeline or

i hope this helps,

brian suda

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