[uf-discuss] microformats for normal people, like my mum

Stephanie Hobson sjhobson at gmail.com
Thu Jun 28 09:58:06 PDT 2007

Hi All,

I'm normally pretty quite on this list because I'm more of a usability
and front end designer than a programmer.  I thought I'd chip in my
$0.02 though because this is such an interesting discussion.

I agree that the average user needs to be able to call this new
browser ability something.

I think they will most understand it if it is associated with what
they can do with it "download this contact" but that we need a generic
name because they need to be able to understand why it doesn't work on
all contacts all the time.

I'm not sure it's the job of this community to come up with that name
and, in fact, I think we are all too geeky and too familiar with the
idea.  It needs to be something totally unrelated to what we call it.
I think including the words "micro" "format" "semantic" "data" and
"tag" should not be included.

The idea of researching is a great idea!

This is a very small sample size but, well, I called and asked my Mum
what she would call it.  Well I called and asked her if she could
click on a address or an event and add it to her address book or
calendar what she'd call it.  And then asked her how she'd word it if
she was trying to write the slogan for the web browser.

First she said she'd call it "neat" which is a good sign all this work
will be very well received by non geeks ;)  So don't miss this chance
to pat yourself on the back ;)

More seriously she said she'd call it "instant updates".  "Instantly
update your calender with this event." which doesn't meet the
requirement for a name that explains why it only works some time.

My point here is that she used none of the words have come up in our
discussions and that we should engage people from outside the
community when trying to make this decision.

As a side note: I don't think the idea of calling it "neat
information" is that bad actually.  Neat implies that the data is tidy
or well arranged (even semantic) and that it can do something cool.
Information that isn't neat can't do the same things ;)


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