[uf-discuss] OBJECT Pattern Page Updated

paul_wilkins at xtra.co.nz paul_wilkins at xtra.co.nz
Fri Nov 9 11:48:55 PST 2007

From: Tim White <tjameswhite at yahoo.com>
> I was doing some research on the hResume page and noticed that the include pattern hadn't been updated.
> I've gone ahead and updated the page to reflect the updates to the include pattern.
> I have added a note with reference to the include-pattern and added an example above the <object> example.
> Please review, correct or revert as necessary.

The only suggestion I'd have is to use a meaningful identifier.

What is being included with the following line?
    <object  data="#j" class="include"></object>
It's really hard to tell.

With the following:
    <object  data="#pedro-name" class="include"></object>

It's really easy to tell what's going on.

I suggest that #j is changed to something more meaningful, like #pedro-name

Paul Wilkins

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