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Paul Wilkins pmw57 at xtra.co.nz
Fri Nov 30 02:55:01 PST 2007

On Nov 28, 2007 6:09 AM, ken <gebser at speakeasy.net> wrote:
> "Taking things further" was the point of my question.  In particular,
> mentioned in the three-sentence example are several organizations-- a
> couple high schools, a couple football teams, and a family-- and each of
> the three people mentioned are members of (have a role in) three (but
> not all) of these organizations.

This is trivial though because the include pattern takes care of most of this.
It takes but a few moments to include other data from the information
that's given.

The include pattern is where you put an id attribute on some piece of
information, so that you can include it elsewhere with
   <a href="id-name" class="include"></a>

This was demonstrated at several places in the sample code, and the
reason for the "left as an exercise" comment.

I shall briefly add the highschool, their football team isn't
mentioned, only their opponents. I have been naughty and called their
football team "The Eagles", even though it's not stated explicitly in
the text.

The family relations come under the topic of genealogy, for which a
microformat is currently being developed

The game that's happening "this sunday" doesn't have a date, but I'll
assume that it's the 2nd of December as the information was written
just a few days ago.

So the information that I've marked up from this for all three people is

- First Name
- Last Name
- Organization Name
- Organization Unit
- Role

- Start Date
- Summary
- Location

Normally the code wouldn't be so many lines, it'd just be inline with
the text and less wieldy, but in the intertested of readability in
this email medium it's been given a more vertical layout.

<span class="vcard" id="bobby-smith"><span class="fn n">
 <span class="given-name">Bobby</span>
   <a href="#smith" class="include"></a>
 <span class="org">
   <a href="#pittsfield-high" class="include"></a>
   <a href="#eagles-team" class="include"></a>
 <a href="#star-quarter" class="include"></a>
<span class="vcard" id="billy-smith"><span class="fn n">
   <span class="given-name">Billy</span>
   <a href="#smith" class="include"></a>
 <span class="org">
   <a href="#pittsfield-high" class="include"></a>
   <a href="#eagles-team" class="include"></a>
 <a href="#star-fullback" class="include"></a>
are on
<abbr class="organization-unit" id="eagles-team" title="The
Eagles">the same football team</abbr>
<span class="vevent">
 <abbr class="dtstart" title="2007-12-02">on Sunday</abbr>
 <span class="summary">playing against the
   <span class="organization-unit" id="falcons-team">Falcons</span>
 <a href="#pittsfield-high" class="include"></a>
whose <span class="role" id="falcons-coach">coach</span> is
<span class="vcard" id="ron-smith">
 <span class="fn n">
   <span class="given-name">Ron</span>
       <span class="family-name" id="smith">Smith</span>
 <span class="org">
   <a href="#falcons-team" class="include"></a>
 <a href="#falcons-coach" class="include"></a>
Ron Smith is Bobby and Billy's father.
The brothers are also
the <span class="role" id="star-quarter">star quarterback</span>
and <span class="role" id="star-fullback">star fullback</span>
at <span class="organization-name location"
id="pittsfield-high">Pittsfield High</span>.

Paul Wilkins

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