[uf-discuss] Standardized Representation of Microformats in JSON / was: (no subject) & hCardMapper v0.96

Ciaran McNulty mail at ciaranmcnulty.com
Thu Apr 3 00:48:33 PST 2008

It's important to consider who jCard is 'for'.

In Microformats  we put the publisher first, and shift as much
complexity to the parser as we think we can get away with.

For jCard, there are precious few people publishing in JSON - this
format is either going to be optimised for:
a) People writing hCard->jCard converters
b) People who want to parse jCard (including parsing hCards via a converter).

In my opinion, to promote people using uF more in their projects (I'm
thinking things like hCardMapper) we should squarely aim the format at
group b, and shift as much complexity as we can into the converter.

What I propose is that a lot of our defaulting rules, designed to make
things easier for HTML authors, should not be present in jCard.

As an example, hCard has rules for parsing fn values into 'n' values -
a step designed to promote uptake in HTML authors.
Conversely, I would propose that 'n' values are mandatory in jCard to
make things easier for parsers, and that converters be responsible for
applying the defaulting rules.

-Ciaran McNulty

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