Draft to Specification (was: [uf-discuss] More than three years)

Chris Mear chris at feedmechocolate.com
Thu Aug 28 01:47:46 PDT 2008

2008/8/28 Ben Ward <lists at ben-ward.co.uk>:

> Maybe each spec should have a required minimum draft iterations before it
> can go 1.0, allowing people to participate at different levels. Those
> passionate about subject matter will take interest at the 0.1 stage, those
> who are simply active within microformats in general would review specs at
> the second or third draft to protect against process violations and
> fast-tracking. I wouldn't want anything too strict, but all specs iterate
> draft versions anyway, so it might be wise to map them to cue issue review.

Like 'release candidates' for software, you mean? Eg. 1.0-RC1 and
1.0-RC2, which are announced by the core contributors in a "hey, wider
community, check this out before we close the door on it" sort of way?
Or is that too strict?


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