[uf-discuss] HTML5, Microformats and RDFa

Manu Sporny msporny at digitalbazaar.com
Thu Aug 28 14:11:02 PDT 2008

André Luís wrote:
> Manu,
> the css based approach is somethin that has come up in discussions
> about semantics with fellow workers. I believe it does not trash all
> of the hard work the communities have don so far.

I never said the discussions "trashed" all of our hard work. I said that
some of the discussions "ignore" (some) of the hard work performed by
this community as well as the RDFa community.

> All it does, from
> what i gathered, is move the semantics from html and places it in a
> separate file/place.

Right - which both this community and the RDFa community are opposed to:

1. We do not want semantics to be placed in separate files.
2. We do not want vocabularies to be re-defined from site to site.
3. We want semantic markup to be easy to author for regular people - CSS
   is /not/ easy to author.

That's what I was attempting to point out with my statement. Apologies
if I was not clear :)

-- manu

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