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Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Thu Feb 7 07:30:11 PST 2008

On Thu, February 7, 2008 14:33, Michael Smethurst wrote:

>>> At the time Scott Reynen suggested:
>>> <snip>
>>> If it's just a generic contact that you know nothing about, I'd say
>>> just use fn, as adding org is potentially incorrect information. But
>>> if you know it's a music act, I think it makes sense to consider even
>>> an individual performer's name to be an organization name in that
>>> context. I'd say there's
>>> a difference, for example, between Norah Jones the person, who would
>>> be <span class="fn">Norah Jones</span>, and Norah Jones the musical
>>> act, which would be <span class="fn org">Norah Jones</span>. </snip>
>> That strikes me as no more sensible now than it did then. If I cite
>> her, as  "Norah Jones said", am I referring to her as a person, or an
>> organisation?
>> Would her hCard's date of both refer to the day she left her mother's
>> womb, or the day the supposed "organisation" was founded?
>> Does Mozart become an organisation if I refer to his symphonies, but
>> not if I refer to his marriage?
>> Do Winston Churchill or Ghandi suddenly become organisations if we
>> refer to a recording of one of their speeches, but not one of their
>> books?
> I didn't say I supported this view. I just brought it back up cos it
> seemed relevant

Noted; my response was not addressed to or directed at you personally.

>>> ...with artists like Eminem, Madonna, Prince.
>>> How is fn optimisation supposed to work here?

>> Exactly as it does at present. Those are both formatted names and
>> nicknames (and remain nicknames, if you also include the fn of "Marshall
>>  Bruce Mathers III", "Madonna Louise Ciccone Ritchie " or "Prince
>> Rogers
>> Nelson").
> Not sure I follow. The hcard wiki page says nickname optimisation
> happens when " "FN" and "ORG" are not the same, and the value of the "FN"
> property is exactly one word. What would: <span class="fn">Madonna Louise
> Ciccone Ritchie</span>
> Result in?

No nickname; unlike the more comprehensive:

<span class="fn"><span class="nickname">Madonna</span> Louise Ciccone

> Also what about artists like Plastic Bertram? I assume that's not a given
> +
> family name combination

It would be,; however I suggest that marked up such as:

<span class="fn nickname">Plastic Bertram</span>

should be exempted from that optimisation rule - good call. I'll wiki it.

Andy Mabbett
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