[uf-new] MicroFormats for (Music-)TopLists, htop-list?

Regine Heidorn regine at regine-heidorn.de
Wed Jul 18 12:16:21 PDT 2007

Hi Manu,

THX for your answer, good to know I'm on the right way ;-)

Am 14.07.2007 um 17:18 schrieb Manu Sporny:

>> - How can the rating be included? Does it make sense to work with
>> hreview here?
> hAudio was intended to be embedded in hReview. So yes, you could  
> put an
> hAudio in hReview and add rating to it that way.
> Keep in mind that I don't know of anybody that has implemented  
> hAudio +
> hReview, so it would be good for the list to see an example and figure
> out if it works.

Assured of going the right direction I'm going to elaborate things.

>> - A top-list can be seen as a review, might it be better to  
>> straighten
>> the whole thing out to the hreview thing? So it could also be used  
>> for
>> top-lists not regarding audio-tracks. But it also seems logical to  
>> use
>> haudio if it's audio-material. So especially for audio-top-lists  
>> would
>> it be OK to make that clear by the use of <li class="haudio">?
> This isn't that clear... we would have to understand what you mean by
> "top-list". You would have to differentiate the following from each
> other (here's a hint: Some of them could be viewed as very similar to
> one another):
>  - "top-list"
>  - "playlist"
>  - hreview of a playlist
>  - hreview of an audio collection or audio album
> Another way of looking at it is: How is a top-list any different  
> from a
> playlist?

The difference is the rating. A playlist is just "what am I hearing?  
What have I heard the last days/weeks/months?
A Top-List is about what do I like better and best? Like the Top-5- 
pieces of Open Music I like best. This includes the rating and the  
<ol>. Like the first place rated 5 out of 5 and the fifth place rated  
1 out of 5. So it's a mixture between rating and playlist, the rating  
representing also a kind of a review.

>> - If a top-list is also a review: should it be extended by the
>> hreview-possibilities? Like for example if I write a review about a
>> track like maybe on my blog or somewhere else, it would  be  
>> semantically
>> interesting to paste this information together with my top-list.
> You will have to elaborate on this as your idea could be  
> interpreted in
> a number of different ways.

Hope to have made that clearer above ... ?

>> Second is: how can those informations be collected by let's say the
>> netlabels? I have the idea of a php-script writing the data in
>> database and thus creating the netlabel-toplist consisting of the  
>> data
>> from participating Blogs, community-sites and whatever.
> You're talking about crawling, indexing and website implementation.
> While this community is interested in this stuff... they are
> implementation details that don't really have much to do with creating
> the Microformat you are talking about.

That's true ... but nonetheless: do you have some good starting-point  
to gather information or another hint for me?

>> Since it's a top-list the use of <ol> is the semantic correct way, so
>> to establish the format it should be convention to start with
>> something like <ol class="htoplist">?
> Perhaps. What we really need to find out is how prevalent "top-lists"
> are on the Internet. I think everybody on here will agree that they do
> exist, but it will be your job to gather data to prove that they do
> exist. This is one of the first steps in the Microformats process -
> demonstrate, using hard data, that your problem exists. You will  
> need to
> answer the following questions:
>  - What problem is 'top-list' attempting to address?
>  - How many sites have "top-list" type information?
>  - What kind of information should be placed in a top-list?
>  - Is there any way that we can combine haudio + hreview to solve the
>    problem?

Phheewww ... seems a lot of work, don't know if I'm gonna get that  
far. So first I'd like to develop the idea behind it, then let's see  
what it brings. The combination of hAudio and hReview seems to fit my  
idea, so maybe it ain't necessary to create an own format.

Regine Heidorn

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