[uf-new] MicroFormats for (Music-)TopLists, htop-list?

Manu Sporny msporny at digitalbazaar.com
Fri Jul 20 15:38:53 PDT 2007

Regine Heidorn wrote:
>> You're talking about crawling, indexing and website implementation.
>> While this community is interested in this stuff... they are
>> implementation details that don't really have much to do with creating
>> the Microformat you are talking about.
> That's true ... but nonetheless: do you have some good starting-point to
> gather information or another hint for me?

If you mean gather examples, then just start collecting URLs to
top-lists that you know of on the web. We can put them on the
audio-info-examples page for now and move them into their own set of
pages if necessary. I've made a section for you to start adding
top-lists on the audio-info-examples page:


Please feel free to add as many examples as you can.

>>  - What problem is 'top-list' attempting to address?
>>  - How many sites have "top-list" type information?
>>  - What kind of information should be placed in a top-list?
>>  - Is there any way that we can combine haudio + hreview to solve the
>>    problem?
> Phheewww ... seems a lot of work, don't know if I'm gonna get that far.
> So first I'd like to develop the idea behind it, then let's see what it
> brings. The combination of hAudio and hReview seems to fit my idea, so
> maybe it ain't necessary to create an own format.

You could loosely accomplish what you are trying to do with XOXO +
hAudio, or XOXO + hReview, or XOXO + hReview + hAudio. The semantics
wouldn't be rock-solid (it would be difficult to get Firefox 3 to
understand that when it sees those two or three things together, it is a
top-list instead of a playlist).

-- manu

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