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Mary Hodder mary at dabble.com
Thu Jul 19 09:08:34 PDT 2007


A couple of us have collected video examples here:

Many are from two years ago, so it may need some refreshing, but there
are already a variety of examples of metadata as published.

Kevin Marks and I did a session at Web 20 Expo in the open space
part of the conference on this issue.

I'd like to see a media microformat for video asap but it's been more  
being very busy on other things than anything else that's kept us from
pushing forward on this.

There are two things that I've noticed that may be in conflict:

1.  the example in the email yesterday gave a list of IMDB like types of
metadata around video from that perspective, that few people other than
IMDB publish online.  Most people to not put up a video they've made,
either on their own blogs, or embedded from a hoster, and list all those
categories of metadata around the video.

2.  most people (and hosters) tend to publish video and give a  
limited set of data:
other formats via url

of the 100 million videos online now, that is maybe 95%  if not more.

Microformats are supposed to reflect what is actually in practice  
not what you want people to do that they don't do now.

I would suggest that we need to resolve this conflict between  
style metadata associated with video, and the rest of the massive  
amount of
publishing going on now online.. in order to figure out what to do here.

Lastly, there is the issue of quoting.. there are many services now  
that allow:
- url/timecode based subtitlling, tagging and thought bubbles
- remixing
- playlisting (much like an edit decision list)
- grouping (association of quotes)
- playing just a quote of a longer piece of video

And there is the issue of multivideo grouping:
- groups of videos in their full state
- playlisting of videos

These are all in common practice on the web (I'll add some urls to  
of these to the page I referenced above) and need to be taken into  
in the microformat as well, because people blog or publish these all  
the time.


On Jul 19, 2007, at 6:13 AM, Manu Sporny wrote:

> Patrick Aljord wrote:
>> I'm doing a website to publish a list of movies with the same kind of
>> data imdb has:
>> Director, Writers, Release date (per country), genre, tagline, plot
>> outline, workers (those are people that work for the movie like
>> actors, costumes, executive producer, sound engineer etc), language,
>> sound-mix , country, duration, aspect-ratio...
>> I'm wondering if there is way to set all that as a microformat.
>> Do you think it's doable or is that too much information for a  
>> microformat?
> It is do-able and is on the slate of things to get done. We just
> finished up the hAudio draft about a month ago. We are going to be
> moving forward with hAlbum and hVideo afterwards.
> It will take around 3 months to collect enough examples, analyze those
> examples and publish a draft for hVideo. hVideo is part of a bigger
> initiative called media-info, whose goal is to be able to mark up  
> media
> information much like what you listed for video.
> In short - yes, the community is definitely interested in getting a
> video Microformat completed. It will take around 3 months to complete.
> At the moment, nobody is working on it due to the focus on completing
> hAudio.
> Would you be willing to collect sample URLs for video? If so, that  
> would
> move that project forward.
> -- manu
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