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Michael Biven michael.biven at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 08:50:35 PST 2007

Hello, I've started working with a MLS (Multiple List Service) / IDX
(Internet Data Exchange) system and after seeing the many differences
in these systems across the U.S. I think that this is a problem that a
microformat could solve and improve how people work with the data.

Currently you can search for listings in an area on one of the many
MLS / IDX systems available to the public from national, regional, or
local MLS sites, individual real estate broker sites, your local or
regional online version of the classifieds, or Craigslist and eBay.
Besides pen and paper there are not many other tools to aggregate
everything from those sites to work with the available information.
I'm not knocking pen and paper I use it to work out most of my ideas
and thoughts, but the tools used to work with information on property
listings from online sources could be improved upon.

As for now I'll just be calling this idea mListing as there is already
a hListing format in the works. Though this is to be more narrowly
focused than hListing by sticking to real estate listings across any
IDX / MLS system or online classified site (Craigslist or local
newspaper) that choose to use it. Also right now there is work on a
new version of the RETS standard and some discussion if the MLS system
should be made open, combined into one large or regional databases and
possible action from the DoJ over antitrust issues.

So what if there was a common set of data fields across these systems
that would allow the shopper to view, save or mashup that information?
Until questions and issues that are currently ongoing in the real
estate field about the MLS system are answered, mListing could be a
good way to provide this common information to people about a property
listing. So a person could use this to save a set of listings for
later, email to someone, lookup additional information (property
values, reviews of the broker, and neighborhood information) or just
make a map with driving directions so you can go see the property in

I'd love to hear some feedback on this before I get started and go off
and create a new page in the wiki. Below are a few links to some
examples and a few posts / sites that relate to this idea.

Your local or regional Realtor Association

Links of interest:
http://blog.shackprices.com/ (great people to talk about mListing)



Michael B.

Michael Biven
michael.biven at gmail.com

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