[uf-new] Namespacing in hAudio (Was: First draft of hAudio proposal)

Manu Sporny msporny at digitalbazaar.com
Wed May 2 06:44:50 PDT 2007

Frances Berriman wrote:
> As a brief aside, if there's a general uneasiness about a proposed
> solution (in this case, the groupings) I think it's a good point to
> slow down a bit and rework the problem until a happy resolution can be
> found, rather than rushing to a draft regardless.  I think it could be
> damaging to put forward a draft that isn't really working out the way
> a majority would like as it may make further draft iterations
> difficult.

Agreed. Nobody that I see is arguing the we rush this through to a
finalized draft. We should thoroughly vet this out before getting it to
the draft stage.

> Coming into this one a bit late (but perhaps my fresh look at it might
> help to work back through the problem with a non-name-spaced solution)
> but in the examples on the brainstorming page, the ID appears to
> always be the content of the "work-title" field anyway.
> Why isn't this sufficient to use to work out the group the item belongs to?
> Doesn't the nesting always indicate what belongs to what?

Please read all of these threads, they explain why what you are
proposing doesn't work for the grouping-examples listed:


-- manu

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