[uf-new] First attempt at hAudio proposal

Manu Sporny msporny at digitalbazaar.com
Wed May 2 14:16:18 PDT 2007

Scott Reynen wrote:
>>>> Can this be solved by extending an existing format?
>> Maybe... but every attempt at doing so has been shot down to date. Read
>> the previous threads. Please propose a solution if you think differently.
> The last message in those threads begins with "hAtom as a transport for
> music-downloads makes loads of sense to me."  I don't see where hAtom
> was "shot down."

We are not talking about music downloads. We are talking about audio
recordings. This is a very important distinction to make! It was decided
that hAtom WOULD be fine for music downloads as long as there was
something like hAudio encapsulated inside hAtom to describe the music.

hAudio is designed to be nested inside hAtom (which should only be used
for syndication).

> work-title -> hatom entry-title

We aren't talking about an entry in a blog or syndication. We are
talking about the title of a creative work.

> contributor -> hatom author

What about publisher? The audio-info-examples always show label or
publisher. hCard is required because artist and publisher are almost
always displayed.

> published-date -> hatom published

hAtom published is related to when the syndication entry was published.
The published-date in hAudio has to do with when the creative work hit
the streets for distribution. They are not the same thing.

> sample -> rel-enclosure in hatom entry-summary

rel-enclosure is supposed to be used for content that should be cached.
Many of the services listed in audio-info-examples use audio streams,
not cacheable content, to provide samples.

> acquire -> rel-enclosure in hatom entry-content

rel-enclosure is meant for content that should be cached. The soon-to-be
renamed 'acquisition' rel-property points to a link that starts the
acquisition process. In most cases, this never links to a data file.

> image-summary -> hcard photo in hatom entry-summary

That's a valid option.

> genre -> hcard category

Another valid option.

> length -> new class="length", or defer in first draft

Length does not belong in hAtom. What is your argument behind extending
hAtom to include length?

> price -> new class="price", or defer in first draft

Price does not belong in hAtom. Where are the examples backing up that
hAtom should be extended to include price?

In addition - the audio-info-examples clearly show that music isn't
syndicated. Blogs are syndicated. hAtom is a good fit for blogs, but
take some time to look through the examples. hAtom is a very bad fit for
the current publishing methodology used for audio.

-- manu

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