[uf-new] Re: hAtom is not a silver bullet

Danny Ayers danny.ayers at gmail.com
Thu May 3 18:13:07 PDT 2007

It's great that this challenge (story, use case) has been set. Atom is
a very good way of pushing stuff around, hAtom reflects that. If the
material is such that it can be faithfully (ish) rendered in html,
that's great - things like links to audio files obviously can. But
(crucify me) I do think it's incumbant on advocates of microformats to
acknowledge that text/html is not the only fruit. Sure, make the wordy
bits renderable, but don't forget the option of expressing the
information in other ways and just doing a html view, a view of some
data describing some data. If it doesn't fit comfortably with a
microformat expression, so be it. Do pointers from the uF (link rel
etc...) to other stuff. It's easier than it looks.

If it's on the web all you've really got to worry about is giving the
significant bits URIs (and hopefully delivering something useful if a
client sees it).

At this point I pick up the bible and ask - what is the problem you're
trying to solve?


// respect to the moderators for not /dev/null-ing this thread



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