[uf-new] First attempt at hAudio proposal

Brian Suda brian.suda at gmail.com
Mon May 7 14:22:22 PDT 2007

As an FYI, the hCalendar and iCalendar spec already have a DURATION
property. This could suffice for any Media format. If you choose to
use class="duration" then it should be the same semantics as the

4.3.6   Duration

   Value Name: DURATION

   Purpose: This value type is used to identify properties that contain
   a duration of time.

   Formal Definition: The value type is defined by the following

     dur-value  = (["+"] / "-") "P" (dur-date / dur-time / dur-week)

     dur-date   = dur-day [dur-time]
     dur-time   = "T" (dur-hour / dur-minute / dur-second)
     dur-week   = 1*DIGIT "W"
     dur-hour   = 1*DIGIT "H" [dur-minute]
     dur-minute = 1*DIGIT "M" [dur-second]
     dur-second = 1*DIGIT "S"
     dur-day    = 1*DIGIT "D"

   Description: If the property permits, multiple "duration" values are
   specified by a COMMA character (US-ASCII decimal 44) separated list
   of values. The format is expressed as the [ISO 8601] basic format for
   the duration of time. The format can represent durations in terms of
   weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds.

Dawson & Stenerson          Standards Track                    [Page 37]
RFC 2445                       iCalendar                   November 1998

   No additional content value encoding (i.e., BACKSLASH character
   encoding) are defined for this value type.

   Example: A duration of 15 days, 5 hours and 20 seconds would be:


   A duration of 7 weeks would be:



brian suda

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