[uf-new] Album Vs audio-title (was hAudio ITEM debate proposal #3)

Martin McEvoy martin at weborganics.co.uk
Tue Oct 30 11:22:38 PST 2007

Hi Scott

On Tue, 2007-10-30 at 08:19 -0600, Scott Reynen wrote: 
> On Oct 30, 2007, at 6:34 AM, Martin McEvoy wrote:
> >>> FN does *not* mean album name.  It means *audio* name.  Whether or  
> >>> not that's the same as the album name determines whether or not  
> >>> we're talking about an album.
> >>
> > That Is YOUR definition
> It is, but only because that's the definition of FN in the wiki:
> http://microformats.org/wiki/classes
> "The name of the object."

as usual you are misunderstanding what I mean

I have no Issue with FN on its own and believe it or not I have a
complete understanding of what FN means

I do however have an Issue with the combination of FN and ALBUM
> The object of an hAudio is an audio recording, so FN in hAudio means  
> "the name of the audio recording."  The definition of ALBUM on the  
> other hand, is the name of the album.  That the album is sometimes  
> also the recording does not make those two definitions the same.   
> Similarly the terms "big" and "elephant" do not have the same meaning  
> merely because they often refer to the same object.
> >> This is a pattern taken directly from hCard, another context in  
> >> which subtypes are not explicitly stated but can still be  
> >> determined by which elements are present.  If you think hAudio  
> >> should differ from hCard here, please explain why.
> > are you meaning that  "fn album" is an optimization  based on  
> > something like  the  nickname optimization in  hCard  ?

class="fn nickname" does the same as class="fn org" 

formated name type nickname

formated name type organization.

But then I dont have to tell you that either? 

> It's not an optimization, and it's not related to nickname.  It's an  
> indirect way of indicating subtype when a subtype is not explicitly  
> stated, just like we use the identical value of FN and ORG to indicate  
> the subtype of the hCard is organization.

any way before we all get carried away with this issue... 

> > All I am suggesting is that we should forget about any "fn album"  
> > optimization for now and keep it simple.
> It seems to me we're talking about two different definitions of what  
> those terms mean.  Take a look at how FN and ORG work in hCard; it's  
> the same pattern.  If you don't like this pattern, I'd like to hear  
> why, but you seem to be objecting to a definition of these terms that  
> doesn't match previous use (e.g. what FN means above), so I don't  
> really understand your objection.
> > Now that  item / fn has been accepted to described hAudio  tracks,  
> > there is no real need to complicate hAudio any more than saying that  
> > audio-title is the main hAudio title and fn is a track title and  
> > leave it there.
> How should we describe a single track and its album title?  Currently  
> we'd do that like this:
> <p class="haudio">
> 	I like the song <span class="fn">Everything in Its Right Place</span>  
> on <span class="album">Kid A</span>.
> </p>
> I'm not clear what you see as the alternative without separate  
> properties.

<p class="haudio"> 
	I like the song <span class="item fn">Everything in Its Right Place</span>  
on <span class="audio-title">Kid A</span>.

doesn't rock the boat much does it?


Martin McEvoy

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