[uf-new] video-info-examples page clarifications

Mary Hodder mary at dabble.com
Wed Sep 12 10:40:21 PDT 2007

Oh. Got it.  I thought you wanted 1000 examples from anywhere.

Yes, I can get one from each, but actually that's much harder because  
it has to be hand done,
than doing a query across 27 million videos.


Mary Hodder
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On Sep 12, 2007, at 10:29 AM, Manu Sporny wrote:

> Mary Hodder wrote:
>> Appreciate the clarifications.  Very helpful.  I will get one of my
>> engineers to run some queries, to see what percentages we have  
>> across 27
>> mil videos and then post them here and in the wiki.
> Make sure to ask them to not duplicate data sources. Don't analyze 400
> URLs from the same site. Instead, analyze 400 URLS from different  
> sites.
> Make sure that they generate a machine-readable data file (tab
> delimited, comma separated, or XML) and that you can show that data  
> file
> to the Microformats community. We need hard, demonstrable numbers so
> nobody can assert that the data is not legitimate. More  
> importantly, we
> need to be able to verify any findings and prove their existence to
> others in the community.
>> Also, regarding terminology, i think having as close to real  
>> meaningful
>> terms as possible is best.
> Agreed.
>> For example, I'd suggest "date published" and "date released"   
>> because
>> at least they are clear and require no explanation.
> Thanks for the suggestions, I'll update all the Microformalyze data
> files tonight or tomorrow and upload your suggested changes to the  
> wiki.
> -- manu
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