[uf-new] hAudio Issue Duration

Martin McEvoy martin at weborganics.co.uk
Wed Aug 6 15:05:57 PDT 2008

Hello Guillaume 

Guillaume P. Lebleu wrote:

> Can someone remind me / point me to the rationale behind the principle 
> that the meaning of a classname cannot be dependent of the containing 
> classname?_______________________________________________

There is no rational in your above statement in truth all root 
Microformats depend on other properties to be present in order for them 
to express any semantics at all,  haudio requires "title" or "album" to 
be present, hcard requires that at least "fn" be present and so on.

The issue with "m" is when it comes to defining class names across all 
microformats if  "m"=>month when contained in a "date" class and  
"m"=>minute when contained in a duration class this is where the 
problems arise, microformats are not ambiguous they mean very specific 
things so "m" cannot mean both month and minute its either one or the 
other, Another  and I guess the more important issue is it goes against 
the microformats naming principles  in particular
> Using others' names to mean different things

If we decided here and now that class="m" means Month, and then later 
decided hey class="m"  also means something different Minute then this 
would go directly against the above naming principle, I also think that 
class "m" suffers a "brevity of meaning", not against any microformats 
naming principles but should be.


so some "meaningful" abbreviation ....

<span class="duration">
    <span class="hr">1</span>:
    <span class="min">3</span>:
    <span class="sec">42</span>

I think that the above example meets half way between your example...


and mine.


Martin McEvoy

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