[uf-new] hAudio Issue D6: 2008-01-10 hAudio notes inconsistency

Martin McEvoy martin at weborganics.co.uk
Mon Aug 18 11:14:28 PDT 2008


RE: 2008-01-10 hAudio notes inconsistency [1]

Raised by Andy Mabbett in 

The "Notes" section of the hAudio spec says "By marking up audio content 
with the hAudio microformat, the expectation is communicated that 
information about the content MAY be indexed. This has no impact on the 
copyright of the content itself which the publisher may explicitly 
specify using rel-license as specified above.". However, that is the 
first and only reference to rel-license on the page.

I initially closed this issue marking it as a typing error rel-licence 
is not part of the specification, but the  question still remains 
"should the hAudio Specification include rel-licence"  I have re-opened 
this issue in order that this issue be addressed correctly.

Proposed resolution:

The  hAudio Specification SHOULD include the rel-license microformat.

1, because rel-licence already implicitly exists in haudio it
just hasn't been discussed yet.

2, I DO think it is valuable to know which audio files I can freely 
download no conditions, and ones that may have certain conditions that 
must be met before I can download this file.


Martin McEvoy

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