[uf-new] hAudio Title Possible Alternative?

Martin McEvoy info at weborganics.co.uk
Wed Mar 5 13:49:29 PST 2008

Hello All

This is to try and help the stalled hAudio Title Issue

hAudio title is an Issue because its meaning is not the same as the
hcard definition a "job title" unless the title attribute in haudio
means "Job title" we cant use it because microformats describe single
precise instances and do not have the ability to disambiguate... there
are probably more reasons but the above is a good reason why a solution
should be found, the development and adoption of the haudio microformat
can not realistically continue until this issue is resolved.

So I have been spending some time recently studying the audio info
examples pages asking How Many of the examples use the word "Title" to
mean an audio title? we want to call this thing "title" lets find some
hard evidence?

Out of 54 working examples 
20 use the word or have the word Title in markup  37%
34 use just song, track or nothing in markup  63%

As you can see there is no clear cut 80/20 result, so the action may be
at this point to choose what would seem to be second best and choose
"title" but 63% of the examples are doing something else, In most cases
nothing meaningful just naming things.

Alternative use "NAME" instead of "TITLE" as this seems to be what the
majority of the examples are doing simply naming the objects.

name http://www.answers.com/name&r=67
"1, A word or words by which an entity is designated and distinguished
from others."


Name http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Name
"A name is a label for a human or animal, thing, place, product (as in a
brand name) and even an idea or concept, normally used to distinguish
one from another. Names can identify a class or category of things, or a
single thing, either uniquely, or within a given context."


possible microformats definition 

name - A label for the object or thing, contents are a short textual
description of the object or thing.

hmm! ...that's just my deffinition :) 

I have dumped all my notes on why "name" may be more desirable than
"title" in a single text file which may make interesting reading


Its interesting to add that a "name" microformat may enhance the "n"
definition on http://microformats.org/wiki/existing-classes
where it says "The name of the unit" name can be hyperlinked to the
"name" definition of "A short textual description of the object or

I dont know if any of the above helps, It may even muddy the waters more
comments feedback would be nice.

Thanks all

Martin McEvoy

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