[uf-new] Re: hAudio Title possible alternative?

Martin McEvoy info at weborganics.co.uk
Wed Mar 5 13:54:49 PST 2008

On Wed, 2008-03-05 at 20:53 +0000, Martin McEvoy wrote:
> Hello All
> This is an effort to help restart the stalled discussion on the hAudio
> title issue
> http://microformats.org/discuss/mail/microformats-new/2008-February/001532.html
> I have been spending some time lately on the audio info examples page
> asking How Many of the examples use the word "Title" to mean an audio
> title ?
> http://microformats.org/wiki/audio-info-examples
> the results are enlightening
> Out of 54 working examples 
> 20 use the word or have the word Title in markup  37%
> 34 use just song, track or nothing in markup  63%
> There Is No clear 80/20 result, The action may be at this point to
> choose what would seem to be second best and choose "title" but 63% of
> the examples are doing something else, In most cases nothing meaningful
> just giving names.
> I would like to Recommend use "NAME" instead of title as this seems to
> be what the majority of the examples are doing simply naming the
> objects.
> dfn
> name
> "1, A word or words by which an entity is designated and distinguished
> from others."
> http://www.answers.com/name&r=67
> Name
> "A name is a label for a human or animal, thing, place, product (as in a
> brand name) and even an idea or concept, normally used to distinguish
> one from another. Names can identify a class or category of things, or a
> single thing, either uniquely, or within a given context."
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Name
> hAudio

Sorry about this part email my email client went a bit nuts, I thought I
had lost this email and did it again but apparently it sent why I don't
no but sorry all anyway please disregard my above.

Thanks Martin

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