[uf-new] using microformats to represent what a page is

Tantek Çelik tantek at cs.stanford.edu
Fri Jul 16 19:19:47 PDT 2010

One particularly interesting use case that seems to keep popping up is
that of understanding what a page represents, e.g. FB Open Graph

microformats currently give us a way of marking up the semantics *in*
a page, but not necessarily what the page itself *is* or represents,
or is about.

I think there are some potentially really simple ways of re-using
microformats to do this, both in a more open standard way, and in a
way which encourages marking up / using the visible data on the page
rather than duplicating it in invisible metadata in the head (usual
DRY violation problems, invisible metadata rotting problems etc.)

I've started a page to document examples, formats, and some brainstorm ideas:


Please feel free to add more to that page.



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