[uf-rest] Microformats implementation

Larry Staton Jr. statonjr at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 10:57:26 PST 2005

Hi all,

I have implemented three microformats technologies -- XOXO, AHAH, and
hCard -- on my Web site. You can view the site at

I use AHAH to call XOXO documents. The navigation links for "Colophon"
and "Projects" are AHAH calls to "colophon.xo" and "index.rhtml". The
latter document is marked up as an XOXO document despite the name. The
"Resume" link is missing on purpose. I wanted to see if AHAH would
display the redirected 404 error message and it does.

I use hCard in my markup, but I set the style to "display:none" to
hide the data. Clicking on the "vCard" link sends the hCard data
through Brian Suda's vCard translator.

Thanks to Mark Pilgrim and Neil Dunn for providing nice examples of
XOXO markup and hCard markup.

Larry Staton Jr.
E-mail/Jabber: statonjr at gmail.com

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