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activity verb examples

Part of the activity-streams effort. Per the microformats process this page is here to document existing real world web publishing examples of activity verbs (typically as part of activity streams).

web service examples

Sites/services that you sign up on and provide activity streams for more than one person. In alphabetical order by site/service name:


  • Flickr recent activity on your account
    • "newest contact" (of Flickr USER)
    • "marked you as a contact too" (by Flickr USER)
    • "comment since yours"
    • "added this as favorite" (one of your photos)
    • "said" (a comment on one of your photos)
    • "added a tag" (tagname) (on one of your photos)
    • "added a note" (on one of your photos)
    • sent a Flickr mail (by Flickr USER)

Oddly/interestingly enough, the posting a photo itself does not show up in Flickr's activity streams.


  • FriendFeed
    • "posted" (message on Twitter, entry on Tumblr, photo on, message on, message on Jaiku, entry on BLOGNAME, link)
    • "published" (photos on Flickr, videos on Vimeo)
    • "dugg" (story on Digg)
    • "checked in" (on
    • "bookmarked" (page on delicious)
    • "loved" (song on
    • "added" (event on Upcoming)


  • "All activity" on Vimeo
    • "uploaded" (a video)
    • "likes" (a video)
    • "commented on" (a video)
    • "tagged" (a video with a tag)
    • "joined" (a group)
    • "created" (an album)
    • "added" (a video to an album)

see also

For more examples, see also:

individual activity stream sites

Some individuals have built their own activity stream sites/pages, and we can learn from their example as well


Jeremy Keith has put together his own activity stream on his site which integrates his activities from across other sites on the web.

analysis of examples

Analyzing the above (and other) examples, one can deduce the following common verbs:

  • posted
    • FriendFeed - many specific types
    • Flickr - a comment
  • ...

More examples and analysis are necessary to expand this set. Some of this can be found by:

See also the analysis of common activity stream verbs on the other DiSo wiki.

see also