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Podcasts in 2006

This page lists various microformats podcasts, and other audio and video recordings, which explained and discussed microformats in 2006.

Note: podcasts that simply mention microformats without going into more detail discussions of descriptions or uses are not included.

See also microformats press, presentations and screencasts.





  • 2006-08-08 Jakso 2: Mikroformaatit (Finnish) (English). Jyri Engeström interviewed Tantek Çelik and Ryan King about their work on microformats at Technorati and about microformats in general. There is a Finnish intro, but the interview is in English.


  • 2006-06-30 Weblogs Worknotes: hResume. "Alexander & I gave Tantek & Ryan an update on the hResume stuff we’d been working on, and while we were there we recorded a discussion about hResume and the success of Microformats in general."
  • 2006-06-26 atMedia - Applying the lessons learnt from Boagworld.com (30Mb MP3). Paul Boag introduces the concept of Microformats in the show's Technobuster section (starts 6:50), in response to Tantek's presentation at @media 2006. Aimed at a non-technical audience.
  • 2006-06-22 (recorded March 13th) Microformats: Evolving The Web (23.8MB, 51:58mins) from South by SouthWest 2006. Tantek Çelik, Chris Messina, Jeremy Keith and Mark Norman Francis discuss microformats and demo tools and implementations. A transcript has been posted to events/2006-03-13-sxsw-microformats-transcript.


  • 2006-04-11 Microformats, Drew, and lots of beer (starts 42nd minute) Drew McLellan and another discussed the evolving technology of microformats along with quite a few of Drew's other sites like Dreamweaver Fever and 24ways. They also discussed some of the latest news going on around the web such as Dan's DOM Builder and William's Firefox extension guide.
  • 2006-04-05 Weblogs Worknotes with Chris Messina (12 MB MP3 ~ 20 min. In the first of their series of casts on microformats, they talk with Chris Messina.
  • 2006-04-05 web2.0 show In this SXSW interview, they snag Tantek Celik and Ryan King from Technorati and Microformats to talk about stuff they are working on… (need date of recording). mp3 (Time: 34 mins 27 secs, 15.8 MB). shownotes.


  • 2006-03-31 Microformats Podcast (51 mins, .mp3, 12mb, CC-by-2.5) with Alex Barnett, Tantek Çelik, Dan Connolly, and Rohit Khare.
  • 2006-03-23 Tech News Radio #273 | 060323| eTech 2006, Phil Windley, Digital Identity, Attention Economy, AOL, OpenAPI, Microformats (6:55 mins, .mp3, 3.2mb, CC-by-sa-2.5)
    • Topics: Attention, Ray Ozzie's Cut and Paste for the Web, microformats, AOL
    • Phil Windley:

      In the last couple of years, microformats have kind of gone from this interesting idea, that people thought, 'ah yeah, that might be cool if you get can get anybody to do it', to dozens of companies that were here [at ETech] that had microformats built into their systems and were using them actively.

  • 2006-03-19 TalkCrunch » Blog Archive » Episode 2: Social Networks 3.0 (43:40min, .mp3, 10.2MB) with Michael Arrington, Nik Cubrilovic, Reid Hoffman, and David Hornik.
    • Topics: Social networks, microformats, version numbers
    • Starting at 17:55 minutes in, Mike Arrington asks Nik: "How do you define a Web 2.0 or Social Network 3.0?"
    • Nik:

      I think what's interesting is what Reid mentioned earlier with LinkedIn now making pages available to the public, probably a big step that we should talk about more, and I think this is what Social Networking 3.0 is all about, is having hopefully supporting microformats as well, which I wanted to ask Reid about but we'll leave 'til later, such as hCard and XFN. What I think Social Networking 3.0 is about is about not having a single destination social network, it's about publishing your profile on the Web, and having all these extra services that come around and scoop all this information up and make it available to anybody else. Because if you think about the way that social networks work in real life, is you don't have one big destination that everyone sort of groups around, smaller social networks, 10, 15, 20 people. So if LinkedIn makes these pages public, what that means is that I can set up a social network, and I can say that these 3 people from Linkedin and these 8 people who have blogs are all part of this social network. Social Networking 3.0 for me is about decentralization of social networks, it's about the support of these microformats, and scooping all this information together using other services.


  • 2006-02-16 (recorded on February 7th): Discussing events online includes a little segment by Tantek talking about microformats and hCalendar in particular at 4 minutes 39 seconds. Video.

Podcasts in 2005

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