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Preparation for a possible receipt/ billing microformat.


The Problem

The ability to securely purchase items through a web browser has created a large number of sites that contain the entire purchasing process online. It is common that a customer selects the items that they want to buy, a bill is displayed, a purchase occurs and finally a receipt is displayed to the customer. Currently, it is difficult for a computer to understand when a bill is displayed, when a receipt is displayed and what items are a part of that bill or receipt.

Typically, receipts are e-mailed to customers. It would be helpful if there was a better way to extract the receipt data from a website and process it using another piece of software. It would also be beneficial for other Microformats to be able to display a bill or receipt as part of their content. hListing, and hProduct, hAudio are a three examples of Microformats that could use a bill/receipt Microformat.

Use cases

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