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Existing receipt formats


  • Leif Arne Storset

Quicken Interchange Format (QIF)

Quicken Interchange Format (QIF) is an open specification for reading and writing financial data to media (i.e. files). It's unclear what invoice/receipt support is available, but invoice accounts are mentioned in the Wikipedia article. Further analysis needed.

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Open Financial Exchange

Analysis needed.

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Google Checkout API

Google Checkout offers an API for submitting invoice information. Two variants are provided: a simple HTML form method and a more sophisticated XML API.

Simple HTML form

  • Item information
    • name (required)
    • description (required)
    • quantity
    • price (required)
    • currency
  • Shipping methods
    • name
    • price
    • currency
    • U. S. area where the method is available
  • Tax
    • U. S. state in which you charge tax
    • tax rate


  • Shopping cart with item information and optional expiry date
    • name
    • description
    • unit price
    • quantity
    • item id (in merchant's database)
    • tax table to use
    • whether the item is digitally delivered and how (e-mail or download key)
    • other information
  • Checkout-flow support
    • tax tables
      • whether shipping is taxed
      • tax rate
      • geographic area
    • shipping options
      • pickup
      • flat-rate shipping
        • price
        • applicable areas
      • calculated by custom web service
  • Order-processing support
    • how to convey authorization information

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