[uf-discuss] Bug in rel-lint bookmarklet

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Wed Nov 29 16:30:32 PST 2006

In message <78b10cb360036060a17c6f20ef5244c6 at technorati.com>, Kevin
Marks <kmarks at technorati.com> writes

>By the look of it, you pinged us as if it were a blog url.
>We indexed it on 2006-11-25 01:43:05 PST, and didn't find any blog
>posts in it.

How do you detect a "blog post", as opposed to some other web page, by

>As it is a non-blog page, you should submit it via Pingerati

So when the "rel-tag" page on the 'wiki' says:

        Technorati indexes rel-tag tags

it should say:

        Technorati indexes rel-tag tags in blogs


>and it will be indexed for microformats, and go into the microformat
>search index.

Pingerati does not appear to support tags; nor does the Technorati uF
search, which also refers to "tagged posts".

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