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Michael McCracken michael.mccracken at gmail.com
Thu Nov 30 12:30:55 PST 2006

Based on the existence of a URL in the examples listed at the end of
this email, I propose modifying the working straw format at
to include a URL field, denoting the URL to a copy of the work
available online (often a PDF, but could be anything linkable).

I suggest that it could, but would not necessarily, be combined with a
field representing a unique identifier for the cited item, as for
instance in the case of a DOI URL.

I also suggest that in the case of identifiers like a DOI or ISBN
which can be represented as a parameter in a link to doi.org or some
other resolver, that the format encourage using a URL field for those
identifiers and not include separate fields for each such identifier.
In other words, I think that class="url uid"  is sufficient to encode
DOI/ISBN/etc., and we shouldn't add a separate DOI class, a separate
ISBN class, and so on.

For an example of how I think it might look, see

Any comments or suggestions?


Examples from the web with URL data:

This omits the cases where other identifiers like DOI and ISBN are
used, but that only adds to the relevant examples, if you buy my
argument about using URL for those.

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