[uf-discuss] uf on mobile devices WAS: A further possiblesolution to the "abbr" accessibility issue

Michael MD mdagn at spraci.com
Wed Jan 2 20:33:16 PST 2008

> I think your best bet on that would be to use X2V (or the likes) or a
> JS based approach.

unless you are only aiming at a relatively small number of early adopters
forget about using javascript on phones using the browsers they come with.
Only the latest models are likely to have much chance of being able to use 
javascript client-side.

Quite a lot of phones in recent years appear to have some (limited) support
for iCal/vCard ... so online conversion tools or server-based tools may be
the only practical way to go until phones with better browsers which include
support for stuff like javascript reach consumer pricing levels and become
more popular.

> I know on some Trio's you can download converted
> hCards as vCards through X2V and then add the vCard to the contacts. I
> would suppose as long as your device has the ability to download files
> you would be safe in that regard. There are other phones (yes I'm
> looking at you, iPhone) that use vCards as a storage method but only
> allow you to add contacts by hand or though their own proprietary
> method. That being said I do not know of any current mobile

I thought the iPhone would be better than that.. but I haven't seen one yet.

I was always somewhat dismayed at the lack of support for transferring
contacts/events/etc in any standard formats on many mobile devices .. I
can't see the point of having something like a calendar on my phone if I am
expected to re-enter everything by hand .. I (and I assume most people)
couldn't be bothered doing that, so such a calendar ends up being nothing
more than a waste of space!

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