[uf-discuss] HTML 5, rev and votelinks

Derrick Lyndon Pallas derrick at pallas.us
Fri Jan 25 09:38:23 PST 2008

Frances Berriman wrote:
> As for the actual VoteLinks - I wonder if when it comes down to it, it
> would be good and interesting to see how much usage they're actually
> getting.  Rev is notoriously under-used and generally misunderstood (I
> for one constantly swap the definitions of rev and rel and have to
> double check each time).
The last time I looked at the usage of @rev on the web, I found that the 
attribute was mostly filled with garbage. In general, the garbage was 
generated by WYSIWYG tools and spammers; in either case, robots. Both 
@rel and @class have a much better track record for being useful.

As for xFolk itself, I see that @class=~xfolkentry has about 10% the 
number of hits that @class=~vcard has. (Interestingly, about 1% of the 
people trying to use hCard put @class=~hcard.) For comparison, @rel=~tag 
has about 5x the number of hits that hCard gets. (In this case, hit 
means that at least one instance of that selector appeared in the 
document, so a document with a single hCard and a document with hundreds 
count the same in this analysis.)

Whether any of those are validly formed or unique are orthogonal 
questions and would take a bit longer to answer.

This is all from the archive at Alexa --- my employer, whom I am not 
speaking on behalf of --- and can be determined independently through 
their Million Search Results service by using the ClassTag and RelTag 
operators. (I am aware that those are oddly named; sorry.)

~ Derrick Pallas

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