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Drupal est un système open source de gestion de contenu (CMS).

support microformats

Il y a eu quelque mention sur le fait que soit Drupal ou quelques modules Drupal peuvent implémenter quelques microformats, néanmoins pas de précisions disponibles (quels sont les fonctionnalités/extensions dans quelles versions qui implémentent quels microformats).

http://groups.drupal.org/microformats-in-drupal est le groupe Drupal pour coordonner le travail Microformats.

Wish list

Fonctionnalités microformats suggérées à implémenter dans Drupal extraite de http://groups.drupal.org/node/1890 :

  • Allow each user profile to output to a hCard
  • Create an event in Drupal that will output to a hCalendar-formatted node
  • Create a hCalendar stream so people can subscribe using an event aggregator
  • Allow users to tag an hCard to an hCalendar event so you can build up list of attendees
  • Support hResume so someone can put up their CV online and add their hCard to this as their contact details
  • Add XFN to links and hCards to build up social networking structures (to support social-network-portability)
  • Support hReview for so people can review an item, website, event, etc.
  • A microformat parser, so people can add external events to their drupal calendar
  • A JS "viewer" that shows/hides microformats

Since Drupal modules are fairly straight forward PHP, I would expect this functionality to be included in other modules such as the OpenID module. Check your module documentation for compatibility. There is currently no self-contained, singular Microformats module for Drupal.

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