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hAtom advocacy

Part of the larger microformats Advocacy effort. Adding hAtom to these sites would improve their usability and ambient findability.


See movable-type and WordPress. See also content management systems.

IRC logs

news journalism media

IT news

There is obviously a great deal of publicity to be gained, by having microformats used on sites about IT developments, which are likely to be read by people in a position to have microformats used, and microformat tools implemented, in their organisations. Please add to this list!

other high profile IT sites

  • Jakob Nielsen's 'Use It' and his Nielsen Norman Group
  • AtMedia2007
    • Requested via feedback form, 2007-01-18. Andy Mabbett
    • Are using hCard, but will not use hCalendar, saying: "There are aspects of hCalendar that we are not happy using in this situation [...] It surrounds the use of the abbr element, particularly surrounding times in a table cell (the schedule will be slotted into a table once it is ready)." 2007-01-20. Andy Mabbett

science and technology news


  • eBay (.com and localised versions)
    • primarily hAtom - for auction item status, recent purchases/ won/ lost/ watching etc. and also:
    • hCard - Buyer and seller address details.
    • hCalendar - Auction end date/times.
    • hReview - Feedback.
    • hListing - when further along.
    • some support requested by feedback form, 2006-12-05. Andy Mabbett
    • eBay response of 2006-12-08



  • E-petitions (in draft, and asking for suggested improvements}
    • Requested by e-mail, 2006-12-01 Andy Mabbett 11:49, 1 Dec 2006 (PST)
      • reply: "I've added it to our list of ideas." 2006-12-04 Andy Mabbett 11:07, 4 Dec 2006 (PST)

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