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This is part of an effort to define an rsvp microformat for marking up rsvp note posted on independent sites about or in-reply-to an Microformats events post. Per the microformats The microformats process:



On Event pages, there are a mix of post types, including comments and RSVP posts.

E.g. from a recent microformats meetup:

(image) Jessica Lynn Suttles is going.
(Like) · (Comment) · (Follow Post) · February 27 at 2:01pm


In the past, when you selected "Going" for an event, Facebook, would add a brief mini-post on your profile and newsfeed saying:

  • "so-and-so is going to such-and-such event"

And when more than one of your friends said they were going, you'd see a post of the form:

  • "so-and-so are going to such-and-such event"

Screenshots needed.

RSVPs also appear in the sidebar ticker.



When logged in, you see a feed in the right column of RSVP posts of friends going to events.

Text of example RSVP post needed.

Screenshots needed.

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