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microformats media

This page is about audio, photo, and video files related to microformats. For work on a media microformat, see: Media Info.


Audio, photos, and video (collectively referred to as media) of microformats presentations and related matters are available:

on microformats site

Some media can be found on



The media on is organized into directories for the year and month published for each media file respectively. The directories are of the form /media/YYYY/MM/ and are fully padded, e.g.


If it becomes necessary to move a media file (due to a misplaced date etc.), please keep track of the original URL so that an HTTP REDIRECT instruction can be noted in the .htaccess file. Redirects are better than filesystem symlinks/aliases, because it is preferable to have only one canonical URL for the same resource (for HTTP caching and other reasons).


Here are some guidelines for the audio and video hosted on

  • primarily regarding microformats, e.g. discussions, demonstrations, tutorials, session recordings of. additional appropriate strongly related topics: posh. Larger works where microformats are only briefly mentioned or are only a fraction of a longer presentation should be edited down to an excerpt containing just those segments and the minimum necessary context.
  • open content licensing. It is strongly preferred that the media being published is provided for publication with as liberal an open content license as possible. Examples of liberal open content licenses: public domain (preferred), Creative Commons, MIT license, BSD license, GFDL.
  • portable data formats. Media should be provided in a relatively portable format well supported by several implementations, e.g. ogg, .mp3, .mpeg. Proprietary / single-source player formats are unacceptable, e.g. Real Audio/Video/Media .ra .rm, Flash Video .flv. Please convert any such proprietary format files to a portable format before publishing.
  • mirroring, or difficult to find elsewhere. Often media files are taken down from sites due to bandwidth, domain name or other issues. It may also be useful to simply mirror media files to make it easier to find them in case of such losses in the future. The media directory on can be used for such mirroring.


If you have media files you would like to contribute to please make sure they follow the above guidelines, and then post the following information for each media file in the contributions section below:

  • URL
  • license
  • brief explanation of how you obtained the media file or otherwise have the right to publish it (e.g. original work, open content from another source (provide original source URL), permission explicitly granted by original author (provide original author contact information)).

If you are posting an audio file in particular, try using hAudio 0.9.1 to markup the information about it.

Microformats microformats admins will check the contributions list periodically and upload files deemed to pass the guidelines. You may add an explicit item to the microformats admins to-do list if you wish.


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