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On Thu, February 7, 2008 09:55, Michael Smethurst wrote:

> This takes me back several months (June 2007) to a thread about whether
> both music:groups and music:artists_singular should be marked up as
> organisations:

> http://www.mail-archive.com/microformats-discuss@microformats.org/msg07887.html

Please use the canonical archives when citing mailing list posts; we can't
know that third-arty archives are accurate or comprehensive, or that they
will always be available.

that post is:


> At the time Scott Reynen suggested:
> <snip>
> If it's just a generic contact that you know nothing about, I'd say just
> use fn, as adding org is potentially incorrect information. But if you
> know it's a music act, I think it makes sense to consider even an
> individual performer's name to be an organization name in that context.
> I'd say there's
> a difference, for example, between Norah Jones the person, who would be
> <span class="fn">Norah Jones</span>, and Norah Jones the musical act,
> which would be <span class="fn org">Norah Jones</span>. </snip>

That strikes me as no more sensible now than it did then. If I cite her,
as  "Norah Jones said", am I referring to her as a person, or an

Would her hCard's date of both refer to the day she left her mother's
womb, or the day the supposed "organisation" was founded?

Does Mozart become an organisation if I refer to his symphonies, but not
if I refer to his marriage?

Do Winston Churchill or Ghandi suddenly become organisations if we refer
to a recording of one of their speeches, but not one of their books?

> ...with artists like Eminem, Madonna, Prince.
> How is fn optimisation supposed to work here?

Exactly as it does at present. Those are both formatted names and
nicknames (and remain nicknames, if you also include the fn of "Marshall
Bruce Mathers III", "Madonna Louise Ciccone Ritchie " or "Prince Rogers

Andy Mabbett
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