[uf-new] re: starting work and discussion on XRN

Kilian Valkhof kilian at kilianvalkhof.com
Wed Feb 21 04:08:30 PST 2007

(resent because I messed up with the subject)

Hello, thanks for your answers.

The problem most people in the discuss list had, was that you would
define relationships to customers and business related entities using a
"Friends network". This would most likely hold people back in adoption
of using a standard to define those relationships. The link to the
previous discussion in discuss:





> Hi.
> I think it's just about a name change since business relationship
> and "friends" doesn't really fit. So if I got that right, we should add
> more relationships to XFN and at the same time change the name
> to reflect the new types of relationships available.
> While I personally think adding relationships is a good idea, I'm
> not convinced a name change to XRN is required.
> - Alex

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